Gober Heating and Air is a family-owned and operated business by Chris Gober, a native of the area. By hiring only the best technicians, installers, and staff, Chris has stayed true to his beliefs by putting ethics and integrity before profit. Having started out of his own property, Gober’s has steadily grown and outgrown other offices and warehouses and is soon to outgrow the current location. Chris’ HVAC knowledge and ability run deep as he personally designs solutions from a simple system design for a home to commercial and industrial buildings. Since starting Gober Heating and Air, Chris has assembled a very high quality, highly experienced team of technicians and installers. The mission that Gober’s has adopted over the years is threefold: to always be the best, never the biggest; to always place the best interest of the customer first; and that Gober’s should always be more to the community than just a heating and air company, but should have a heart and participate and sponsor charities and their events.


We also stand by our quality of work by offering a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and to support our community in many ways such as giving back to those who give to us through their service by giving discounts to members of the police, fire, and military, as well as honoring our seniors. Gober’s also donates a portion of profits to local animal shelters and pet rescues in an effort to help end animal homelessness.


Gober Heating and Air has always been about the people and will continue the same way through your support of our services. The true history of Gober Heating and Air is that we have heart, both in our work and in our communities.