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Heating & Air by Gober

What makes Gober Heating and Air very unique is that we’ll always act in your best interests. No gimmicks, no tricks, no games, no pressure. Our company is comprised of staff, technicians, and installers who all work to accomplish the same goals daily. Always doing the right things, to do the best job possible-every job, and hoping we’re deserving of your 5 star ratings.

It can be said that we care, that Gober Heating and Air has heart. Gober’s is a family owned and operated company who appreciates all who protects us, protects our freedoms, and respects our elders.

Experience is not expensive, it’s priceless, and what sets us apart is that we have the experience to be very detail oriented, down to the last detail. Our goal is to offer all available options and to act in the customer’s best interest at all times without any pressure, or trying to use semantics. The Gober way is to be more transparent in what we do and say and to be more informative than trying to push you, the customer, into making a decision that is in that company’s best interest, not yours. At Gober, we don’t mislead you by stating that the a/c we’re offering you as part of your system is a 21 SEER, because it won’t be a 21 once you place a gas furnace, coil, and thermostat and look up those model numbers under the AHRI website and that will state what the true SEER and AFUE will be once installed in your home. A 98.6 gas furnace when integrated with an a/c, coil and thermostat won’t be a 98.6. Too many companies state the AFUE as what’s printed on the box, but it’s rarely ever that high. We believe in truth and transparency. We believe that it’s our job to be on your team instead of us against you, and inform you of all that’s available, explain the differences in equipment choices, the features, benefits, what’s included, the return on investment, the true efficiencies, and give options that allow you to make the decision that’s in your best interest, in your time.

Gober’s pricing is very competitive for sales, service, repair, and maintenance as we constantly research to make sure that we’re as competitive with the majority and know what market pricing is for OKC and the area. We’ll never be the highest priced company and never the lowest. Although it is bad to pay too much for something, but it’s much worse to pay too little. Remember the adage, “You get what you pay for.” At Gober Heating and Air, we’d rather explain our price than have to apologize for the quality.

Gober Heating and Air has offered the best in residential & commercial service and continues today to offer the newest technology with old fashioned values. It is not our aim to become the biggest, but as the best, we work only to remain the best in the OKC area.